PHP tutorial – Hands on learning with step by step guide

 PHP Tutorial for beginners

Welcome to the PHP tutorial

In this tutorial, you are going to learn PHP along with MySQL server as a database for storage.

PHP Programming language is a widely used and trusted language. It is open-source and free to use. PHP programs are written in a text file with the extension of “php”. Basic PHP programs are written using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and can be run on any platform that supports these languages such as Windows, Linux or Mac OS X.

PHP Control structure and server-side programming are generally used to process, manipulate and store data. PHP is mainly a server-side scripting language.

Let’s get started on installation and preparing your local machine setup

  1. PHP variables, data types, and operations
  2. Arrays in PHP
  3. Each Element of an Array: foreach Loops in PHP
  4. PHP Control Structures
  5. HTML Basics for beginners
  6. Mixing PHP and HTML – Print Array in php
  7. Read data from MySQL DB from PHP
  8. Get a single record from MySQL using PHP
  9. Read query parameters in PHP
  10. Avoid SQL Injection: Validate the ID Passed in from the Query String

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