Default and static methods of Interface in Java 8 example

Java 8 Introduces interfaces with default and static methods

package org.interfaces;

public interface MyInterface {
//Abstarct method
      public void printSomeThing();
       //static method
static void callMe() {
System.out.println(“Called Static method of My interface!”);
      //Default method
public default void dontCallMe() {
System.out.println(“Called Default method of My interface!”);


package org.interfaces;
class MyImpl implements MyInterface {
// Default method is available we can override or leave it as it is.
//static method wont available we know that
// Implementation of abstract method
public void printSomeThing() {
System.out.println(“PrintSomthing Overrieden!”);
public class Demo {
public static void main(String[] args) {
MyImpl impl = new MyImpl();
// Calling default method
// Normal impl of abstarcty method invocation
// Calling static method of Interface directly

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