Reading Portlet Window Unique Name in Portal 8.5 Skins

Step 1: Select page and click Edit Page Layout Icon and choose Content.
Step 2: Right Click on the down arrow in each portlet and click Set portlet window unique name
Step 3: Assign a name and click Done.

Section 2. Getting Portlet Window’s Unique Name

Step 1: In Theme’s Dynamic folder, navigate to Web Content skins html
Step 2: Create a jsp file. (Example: customSkin.jsp)

Step 3: Write the following piece of code within customSkin.jsp

<%@ page import=“,” %>
ControlCompositionNode  control = (ControlCompositionNode)pageContext.getRequest().getAttribute(“”);
String skinuniquename=((PortletWindow)control).getId().getUniqueName();

<div class=“portletUniqueNames”>
<%= skinuniquename%>

Section 3. Reading Portlet Window Unique Name in Static Content

Step 1: In the skin.html or skin_en.html or so on, include a reference to the dynamic jsp which was created in Dynamic Theme folder.
<a rel=“dynamic-content” href=“dyn-cs:id:SkinSpots”></a>

Step 2: Register the dynamic content entry in plugin.xml referring to the location of jsp file.

<sub-contribution type=”markup” ref-id=”customtheme_SkinSpots”>
<uri value=”res:{war:context-root}/skins/html/customSkin.jsp”/>

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