Missing person locator

Everyday many persons are missing worldwide, most of them are children and women, in order to identify the location of missing person. It is very difficult to everyone. To identify the location of a missing person’s location we will develop an advanced image processing system to identify a human face capturing system to analyze of available photographs from the database of missing persons. All the time it runs to matchup the photos, if at all a match found then it automatically alert to the security system and also SMS or mail to corresponding contact details.
Use case Scenario:
                Mr. Dvorsky Jacob is the one, who is missing or a criminal, the system must requires his photographs and contact details, we need to add a complaint to this “Missing person Locator”. From there onwards it will matchup the all passengers and every person in Airports, railway stations, bus stops where ever we kept this locator.

    If at all a match occurred then it automatically alerts security system and SMS or mail to his contact details after conformation. Not only looks at the Offline, it also works at online, from his phone number what are the numbers are dialling, area of signal getting, social logins, and other online activities.   
·         Photographs of missing person
·         Contact details(complete details phone number, email e.tc)
·         Area of missing and expected to be at
Solution alternatives:
Alternative 1:
Every Human in this world are injected with a active element of different types for different persons based on the security issues for VIPs. So that the detecting system is able to identify the geographical location of that person so that we can catch missing person
Pros & cons:
This requires many sensitive & harmless elements to inject into human body. It requires high technical support in order to fetch this system into reality it takes much time.
Alternative 2 (*): 
As described in the case scenario It analyze the photographs to the human face by capturing from CCTV camera and match up percentage is greater than 92% then security alert will ring. Then by conforming manually by the security & then the conformation from his/her contacts also be done. This is all about detecting direct way of human interactions. The Online interactions by the system  are what are his/her recent activities & their GPS location will be traced.  These will help us in finding missing persons        
Recommended solution architecture:

                Use advanced technologies in computer vision, digital image processing and facial reorganization techniques to help in finding missing persons. We will build an advance computer vision application where user will upload photographs & contact details by giving a complaint. It will match pictures from database. Two way matching will be done. One is from the  application matchup and alert the security to conform. Another one is by the security operator. Then the corresponding contact details are fetched from database to send mail and SMS.  

                It requires high technical support. The cost is also high 

                This is not only helps us in finding missing persons, but also helps us in finding criminals

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