Issue With IBM WCM 8.5 CF08 Navigator while iterating portal pages


IBM WCM  8.5 Navigator has an issue while iterating portal pages it’ll not show pages that are created newly, whereas for the siteareas in your content library it’ll list correctly
(Test case:

- Within a project the author adds a new portal page as a

child to an existing page.

- The parent page contains a navigation component that should

display a link to the newly created child page.

- The author publishes the project.

Expected result:

- On the page a link to the newly created and published page

should be visible within the navigation menu.

But instead the link is not visible. It only becomes visible 

after the abspath WCM cache has been cleared.)

Local fix:

Manually clear the abspath WCM cache.

command to clear cache:
/usr/WebSphere/wp_profile/ConfigEngine/ action-wcm-clear-cache-all -DWasPassword=<password> -DPortalAdminPwd=<password>

Solution: This issue is fixed in CF11

A code fix for this issue is integrated into the WebSphere
Portal & WCM Combined Cumulative Fix 11 (PI60304) for Portal available from Fix Central:



Here are the some of the book recommendations :


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