Installation process of WAS

WAS installation

Impt steps to be follow while installing WAS server .

Share the the folder if the files are in windows machine through VM machine

Then go for /mnt/hgfs/

Then the shared folder will be there .
Step : 1
1 . Install the ibm messenger.
Command : ./installc –acceptLicense
Step : 2
Go for this following Location
cd /opt/IBM/InstallationManager/eclipse/

that is for me this will be the location

step : 3

Then launch the ibm messenger


Then the GUI window will be open the we can give as per the our requirement

Then it will be open then go for the file option and go for preference and add the repository.conf

Step : 4

Then it will start installing
And also it will take some time to install then we have to create a profile
We can see the files are getting installing now :
For you reference :
Go for the URL :

Uninstalling the WAS Server:

Step : 1
Go for the launcher in /opt/IBM/Installation manager/eclipse
Step : 2
Then ./launcher
Step : 3

Then GUI will be open

Then click un install then the process will be started

For ur reference see the below diagram :

Profile management in WAS

For creating profile we can use profilemangement folder which is in inside of the bin
For launching GUI inside of profilemangent there will be

For managing or creating we can use command.

For checking version of the WAS and also we can check the installation process is completed or not :
Which will be also from bin folder of WAS.

Etc/ folder will give the ssl certificate for the WAS server

Version :

Last 0 – fixback

Find for 8.0.0

Log file for the WAS

Appserver/logs/postinstall.log and etc

WAS installation through silent mode

Install ibm messager through

./installc –accetLicense

Go for the tools in inside of the eclipse then type the following command it will show the available packages.

./imcl listAvailablePackages -repositories /opt/WAS/WASPack/repository.config

Then copy the result and type the following command

./imcl –acceptLicense install –repositories /opt/WAS/WASPack/repository.config

Installing ….

Success fully installed

For the reference:
See the following URL

Create The profile :


Then GUI will be open

Default port number of some main servers

/WAS <root>/ – /opt/IBM/Webserver/Appserver/ :
Log file while creating profile

/WAS <root>/logs/manageprofiles

All the portnumber which were already configured


Here are the some of the book recommendations :


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