IBM Commerce Certification Preparation Notes

Some of the important links to get started on:

adiCMC automated testing

Storefront Test Automation Engine

Data Load Utility

Payment Rule


Custumize Social Widget

Organization URL’s

BOD Verbs and Nouns

Inital DataLoad

Staging Data Model

Reload File List

NOTES : Some of the concept that requires to cover before attempting for a test

Dyna cache

Time based invalidaiton

·         Use cachespecs.xml

·         It also supports time out

·         espot should not be cached as it is personalized / but ok for performance

Command based invalidation

§  used web sphere commerce command api

§  must extend cacheableCommandImpl

§  controller class and task command extend the cachecommandimpl

§  request cannot be used, all methods for invalidation id must be implemnted

Dynacache api n cacheivl table

·         has ibm.comerce.cache.clear, invalidatebyid, invalidatebytemplate

·         dynacache invalidaiton method is called by schedularto process cacheivl table records to delete the entries in cache

·         schedulat default is 10 minutes

·         cacheivl – for changes in product in category info in db

Order of pripority in cacheivl for cache clearing

·         Template

·         Data in order has “clear all”(case in sensitive) clears the cache as per priority or id has respective id then does to clear the id and if empty forwards to lower priority

Group based invalidation

·         Can create dependency id for cache entry nad use it n number of time to link to other cache entry.. no limit

·         so dyna cache creates the invalidation id nad checks the cachespec.xml for dependency and remove the related cache entries


Cache strategy

§  full page

·         set csf = consume sub fragment

·         set in cachespec.xml

·         fragment cacheing

·         edge cacheing

·         uses ESi = edge side include

·         has not much set up over head




Dyna cache api

·         it lies above all ths shit

·         it can uncache something of the above even if it matches the pattern in cachespec.xml


Cache defaults

·         Dynamic cache, servlet cache, and diskoffload are enabled by default


Delta load

·         in replace mode, and in wc-dataload.xml

·         if data exist a duplicate key exception is thrown

·         count and batch size = 1. so most info is available online

·         id resolve = 1/data size so it = 0 , to be set in this case


Extended site hub

·         managed by the accelerator

·         create and manage sites



Locking policy



·         workspace locking

·         task group

·         task

·         no locking

·         all the process and data is lost when a locking process is canceled

·         use of wc-resource container.xml in xml/content-management/ to change loacking

·         also sont change this file directly

·         the class is .<name>lockingpolicy



Catalog modal



Has catalog filter



·         it exist inside the acclerator

·         catalof filter exist in hieracy. towest in treee has higher precedence over price

·         if a filter excldudes a product then it is not included for user even if included by other filter

·         fixed price can be set , overriding the master catalog

·         for multiple filter , a price precedence can be set to determine which price is to be assigned



Type of contracts



Base contract


·         has empty buyer participants

·         has terms and condition

·         can inherit from default contract

·         not assigned to any user directly

·         can be shared across many different stores

·         can use it as a common dump of terms and condition



Consumer contract


·         can link itself to a base contract

·         has empty buyer participant


Default contract



·         for extended sites only

·         a default contract for all stores

·         has empty buyer participant



Business accounts



·         has terms for credit line

·         purchase order etc

·         contractsetin session

·         dynamically load the subset of contract from a set of contracts

·         this only happen when the user selects his sub-department in after loggin in



Organizationsetin session



·         a client only have one immediate parent organization

·         also can have organization partixcipant role

·         so can dynamically chose this contract while login

·         so we have this type of contract






·         use log helper utility to log

·         masking with wc-attribute-masking.xml – in xml/config/



Data load



·         wc-dataload-env.xml – in sample/dataload/warranty



Backup location



·         bin/backupconfig …zip






·         restoreconfig command

·         bin/restoreconfig .. directory



Data reader



used in data load utility. for non csv formats should extend the abstractdatareader class should implement the next() method should change <_config:datareader> in bussiness object config file in sample/dataload dir for CMC the class hould be in wc.ear for normal stuff no need to be in wc.ear in samples/dataload/catalog/wc-loader-<object>.xml config to config your data reader has the following



·         line delimiter

·         token

·         token value

·         charset

·         firstlineheader


use header as column name firstline header>use header.. is the priority to make the csv column name as coulmn name in table



Business layer



presentation -> bussiness – > persistence converts BOD’s(OAGIS message) to name value pair sdo = structured data object bussiness layer sends SDO to bussiness mediator medator contacts the persistence layer so bussiness layer is independent of the persistence layer it has followinf patterns



·         get

·         change,

·         sync and

·         processign process pattern



business layer operate on logical layer not on physical schema



in some case the business layer writes directly into the db ex – logging audits, statics



Business mediator



mediate the bidirectional conversion of the physical and loagical do’s 2 types of mediator

§  read,change

§  process, sync



when u call a bom – bussiness object mediator then it returns a mediator

use this mediaator to make changes in physical objects if the fetched datagraph has child and parent then you cannot delete the parent bcoz of child



Business layer pattern




has fetch adn insert more data search via the xpath acess controll policy fetch filtering inset more data then done






uses SDO not name value pair first change noun controller () divides the bod and calls the read() return primary record of bussiness object the validate() access control policy task command to do validate again for errors in changee noun – apply chages and save changes in current instance of command post change noun – findmoreobject(),apply(),save () send response




same as change , but act on the entire noun unlike change which act on  a particuler regin



same as change, push notification when data is chnged





xml/policy/xml, xml/policy/dtd

order of acp – acugload, acpload, acpnisload



Command Types



data bean


task command

view command

depricated as for struts global forwards



Command factory



cmd reg > than default command class name

cmd reg good for multiple stores



Widget manager



used in ibm sales

created by widget factory



CMC Automation framework






set up biconfig.xml in wc/xml/config

set up CDF file . catalog definition file






0 do not subtract from gross before taxcalculation

1 to subtract the same



attribute dictionay



uses initatributedictionary prroperty to initalize

is it already exist then has no effect

n catalog loader config file nad catalof entry loader file config file



cross site request fogery protection




for ssl only

uses authtoken

if problem detected then go to CrossSiteRequestForgeryErrorView view






for fix packs to correct the issues with commerce

basically a fix for a fix

not all fixes need a fix



promotion mergin



to merge the promotion of a guest ot registed

use orderitemmove url to do so

moveorderpromotioncode = 1 = merge if 0 = dont move



query template



sql mehanism for logical sql stuff nad objects

prefix wc-query….. .tp1

use .reloadconfi file for putting changes in runtime with out restarting hte server in developer only



CMC web applicaiton



has controller jsp pages


which convert noun to xml responses from web sphere commerce services to xml for cmc



has serialized jsp pages


included by the conteoller jsp, snd does the same task as contoller



its a struts applicaiton



 sends a url based request to web sphere commerce



mapping device specific request



use wc-device.xml

go for /mstoreview for viewing the mobile store in computer

use reloadfilelist for reloading



Validation in open lazlo



wcfvalidator class should be extended

in lobtools/webcontent/src/lzx… put it here



query template



isolate from the bussiness logic

store sql stuff

xpath key n access policy to specific template sql query

a new access policy for very query to uniqely identify



auto logon



autologonurlprovider class


for custom class impleent class for contructautologonurl





user action relationship resource



client side error





invalid parameter mostly




generic error

is termed as sever



exception flow



ecexception -> errordatabean -> storeerrordatabean



search expression



is made of xpath

have to extend in the command class and task command

use cmdreg

should implement fetch noun command interface



Ø  staging prob and staging copy ..? both do the same thing

Ø  whar is the use of query template

Ø  are nodes seperate physical machine or logically segmented in a single big machine

Ø  java emitter template .. ?

Ø  intro to expression bulder…

Ø  enable and disbale trace in commerce

Ø  for social commerce ..soccom.css is used for modification of social widgets..

Ø  can we use it to edit facebook.. if not what is it used for…

Ø  or is it for bazaar voice and content providers

Ø  are deprecated stuff required for certification

Ø  Web service client proxy binding.?

Ø  local nad remote ejb binding

Ø  what are operational tables nad what referencing them.

Here are the some of the book recommendations :


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