Display IBM WCM content in a servlet without portal server

Display WCM content in connect servlet :

 Using this WCM connect servlet you can display WCM content without using web-sphere portal server.

Table 1. Service options
Service option Details
srv=cmpnt This will retrieve a component either from the component library or from a site area or content item. You must also specify the following: 

This determines where the component is being sourced from. This is either:

  • library
  • sitearea
  • content
This is the name of the component being retrieved.
srv=page This will retrieve a content item. As srv=page is returned as default, this can be omitted from the URL.

The presentation template to use when displaying this content is specified by adding:


keys and values :- 
wps – portal context
wcm – wcm context
myconnect – servlet context

Example1(Retrieving content directly):- 

Example2(Retrieving content by specifying presentation template):- 

Example3(Retrieving component by specifying some site-area to have a preview):-

Here are the some of the book recommendations :


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