1) Write DCL statements?
2) Difference between RDBMS and ORDBMS?
3) What is projection?
4) What are Oracle9i products?
5) Key components in ER model?
6) How can we find particular field in a table?
7) Difference between SQL and SQL*PLUS?
8) Difference between SQL and PL/SQL?
9) Write key words and clauses in SQL statement?
10) Default date format in Oracle
11) Is it executes successfully
       Select last_name,salary from employees order by 2 desc;
12) What are single row functions?
13) Explain Number (10,10)
14) Explain Number (10,2)
15) What is the use of Begin statement?
16) Syntax for column comments
17) Operator Precedence order
18) What is bind variable
19) Features of PL/SQL.
20) What are pseudo columns?

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