DT:01/11/2012                                                                                                                                   Max.Marks:60
Conducted by:BATCH-6                                                                                                                      Time:60 min
NAME:                                                                   ROLL NO:                                              BATCH:                                  
1)4,7,25,10,…..,20,16,19 what number shouldfill the blank ?                                  [      ]
a.13                        b.15                        c.20        d.28
2)DEF,DEF2,DE2F2,…….,D2E2F3                                                                                                                                     [         ]
a.DEF3                    b.D3EF3                  c.D2E3F                  d.D2E2F2
3)ZA5,Y4B,XC6,W3D,…..                                                                                                     [      ]
a.E7V                      b.V2E                      c.VE5                      d.VE7
4)what was the day for the date 16-APR-2000                                                            [      ]
a.Sunday                b.Tuesday              c.Thursday             d.Saturday
5)if AUG 15th1947  is  Tuesday,then find the day for the date                                  [      ]
22nd AUG 1992.?
a.Sunday                b.Wednesday       c.Friday                  d.Monday
6)Anu told Mani “the girl i met yesterday at R.K.beach was the youngest            [      ]
Daughter of the brother-in-law of my friend’s mother”.how is the girl related
To the Anu’s friend ?
a.cousin                 b.daughter            c.niece                   d.aunt
7)A’s mother’s father is the husband of B’s is A related to B             [      ]
If A & B both are male ..?
a.uncle                   b.father                 c.husband              d.son
a. I only                  b.II only                                 c.I& II both           d.datainadiquate
8)what is the number ?                                                                                                     [      ]
I.the sum of two digits is 8.the ratio of two digits is 1:3.
II.the product of two digits of a number is 12,the quotient of two digit is 3.
9)how many cows are there in a group of 18 cows & hens                                        [      ]
I.more than half the animals are hens
II.the total number of legs of cows and hens is 44.
10)Is ‘r’ equal to 8S  ?                                                                                                         [      ]
I.r is more than 800% of S
II.r is 82 8/11 % of S
11) A train crossed a single pole in 20sec and a platform of length 300m in          [       ]
40sec, then find the length of the train?
a.300m  b.250m  c.400m                  d.150m
12) The ratio between the speeds of two trains is 7:8. If the second train runs                  [       ]
400km in 4 hrs, then the speed of the first train is…
 a. 70                      b.75                        c.84                        d.87.5
13) A student travelled a distance of 61km in 9 hrs. He travelled partly on          [       ]
Foot @4km/hr and partly on bicycle @9km/hr. then the distance travelled
On foot is…
a.14                        b.15                        c.16                        d.17
14) Some articles were bought at 6 articles for Rs.5 and sold at 5 articles             [       ]     
For Rs.6. then gain percentage is….%
a.30                        b.33 1/3                c.35                        d.44
15) If selling price of 12 oranges is equal to cost price of 8 oranges, find                [       ]
      Profit (or) loss?
a.50% profit      b.50%lossc.33 1/3%profitd.33 1/3% loss
16) 100 mangos are bought at the rate of Rs.350 and sold at the rate of               [       ]
Rs.48 per dozen, Then the % of profit (or) loss is……?
a. 14 2/7% gain    b.15% gain      c.14 2/7% loss  d.15% loss
17) A,B,C subscribe Rs.50,000/- for a business. A subscribes Rs.4000/- more       [       ]
Than B, and B Rs.5000/- more than C. out of total profit of Rs.35,000/- A 
Receives …….?
a.Rs.8400/-           b.Rs.11,900/-       c.Rs.13,600/-      d.Rs14,700/-
18) Ramana started a software business by investing Rs.50,000/-. After               [       ]     
      6 months ,Anji joined with a capital of Rs.80,000/-.after 3 years they earned
      a profit of Rs.24,500/-. What was the Ramana’s share in the profit? 
a.Rs.9423/-           b.Rs.10,250          c.Rs.12,500           d.Rs10,500/-
19) If  ‘n’ is a natural number ,then (6n^2 +6n) is always divisible by….?               [      ]
a.6 only b.6& 12                 c.12 only                d.18 only
20) A & B can fill a tank in 10 hrs& 15 hrs respectively. C & D can empty              [      ]
a tank in 30  hrs& 45 hrs.if four pipes are opened simultaneously then in
how many hours the tank will be filled….?
a.3                          b.6                          c.12                        d.9         
21) Static variable initial value….                                                                                     [     ]                    c.garbage value                    d.none of above
22) int  x=1,y=5;
x=++x  +  –y;
then  , x=?                                                                                                                             [     ]
a.7                          b.6                          c.5                           d.8         
23) void main()                                                                                                                     [      ]                      
  char x[ ]={‘S’,’a’,’null’};
}              what will be the output?                                                  
a.1                          b.0                          c.2                           d.3
24) value of ‘a’ is ……                                                                                                         [       ]
a.8.28                    b.6.28                    c.3.14                     d.0
25) int a[2][2]={ {6},{7} };                                                                                                  [        ]
   What will be the output ?
a.6,7,0,0                b.0,6,0,7                                c.6,0,7,0                 d.0,0,6,7
26) void main()                                                                                                                     [       ]     
      char a[15];
If input is “virendersehwag”, then output is…….
a.virender             b.sehwag               c.virendersehwag                d.runtime error
27)what will be the output of the program ?                                                               [       ]
    void main()
int i=1;
if (! i)
return 0;              
a.prints  “koti, reddy  “ infinitely                     b.prints “reddy” infinitely
c.prints “reddy, koti “ infinitely               output
28)Maximum number of arguments that a function can accept ?                            [      ]
a.255      b.128                     c.127                      d.Any number
29)What will be the output of the program ?                                                              [      ]
int i;
int fun();
void main()
printf(“Indira n”);
     return 0;
int fun()
{   printf(“Sandya”);   }
a.Indira  b.Sandya Indira           output           d.infinite loop     
30)In  C,if you pass an array as an argument  to a function what                              [       ]
Actually gets passed ?
a.value of elements in array             b.first element in the array
c.base address of the array               d.address of the last element of array
DATA  STRUCTURES            
31) How many swappings are required to sort the no’s                                             [      ]      
8,22,7,9,31,19,5,13 in  ascending order by bubble sort ?
a.11                        b.12                        c.13                        d.14
32) Which of the following is a stable sort ?                                                                  [      ]
a.straight insertion sort                     b.binary sort sort                                                            d.heap sort
33) Binary search algorithm performs efficiently on …..                                            [      ]
a.array   b.linkedlist            c.stack    d.queue
34) Which algorithm is called as ‘Brute Force’ algorithm                                            [      ]
a.binary search      b.linear search      c.hashingd.indexing
35) What is the complexity of  selection sort in average case ?                                [      ]
a.O(n)                     b.O(n^2)                c.O(nlogn)             d.O(logn)
36)A page fault occurs when …..                                                                                     [      ]
a. The page is not in  memory                          b. The page is in the memory
c. The process enters the blocked state         d. When the process is in the ready state
37) The Banker’s Algorithm is used……                                                                         [      ]      
a. To prevent deadlock in OS            b. To detect deadlock in OS
c. To rectify a deadlock state             d. None of these
38)……….is a high-level abstraction over semaphore                                                                [     ]      
a. Shared memory                              b. Message passing
c. Monitor                                             d. Mutual exclusion
39)The mechanism that bring a page into memory only when it is                          [      ]
Needed is called……
a. Segmentation                                                  b. Fragmentation
  c. Demand paging                                                              d. Page replacement
40)The problem of Thrashing is effected scientifically by……                                    [      ]
a. Program structure          b. Program size
c. Primary storage size       d. None of these
Select the synonym of the following
41)Wary                                                                                                                               [      ]
a) Calm                 b) Curved             c) confused           d) cautious
42)Kin                                                                                                                                   [     ]
a) Exult                 b) Twist c) Friend               d) Relative
Select the Antonym of the following
43)Dearth                                                                                                                             [     ]
a) Lack                  b) Poverty            c) Abundance       d) Foreign
44)Germane                                                                                                                        [     ]
a)Irrelevant                         b) Indifferent       c) Impartial         d) improvident
Correct the following sentences..
45)“He married with an Indian woman.”                                                                    [     ]
   a) He married Indian woman.
   b) He married with Indian woman.
   c) He married an Indian woman.
   d) He was married Indian woman.
46) “He is clever, but he lacks of experience”                                                            [     ]
     a) He is clever, but lack of experience.
     b) He is clever, but lack experience.
     c) He is clever, but lacks experience.
      d) He is cleverer, but lacks experience.
47) “This is a comfortable house to live.”                                                                   [     ]
a) This is a comfortable house to live (No correction).
b) This is a comfortable house for live.
c) This is a comfortable house to live in.
d) This is a comfortable house to live into.
Reading comprehension…..
“ViswanathanAnand may not be the most dominant chess player of this era like Bobby Fischer in the early 1970s, AnatoliKarpov in the early 1980s or Garry Kasparov for the most of 1990s. Anand, however is only the second non-Russian to win the coveted chess Oscar there times, the first being Fischer. The chess Oscar conducted every year by the Russian magazine 64 and the winner is elected from the poll involving the most respected chess writers, journalists and critics from 50 countries. Anand has just been voted as the best player
of 2003, having earlier won the chess Oscar for 1997 and 1998. Five-time chess Oscar winner Kasparov has been placed fourth for 2003, way behind Anand. In 2003, Anand played two major classical events , winning the Corus Grandmasters event at Wijikaan Zee and finishing second in the Sparkassen at Dortmund.
Without dominating the game like Fischer and Kasparov, Anand’s performance has struck a chord among the chess congnoscenti. Chess champions were regarded as electric geniuses whose fans had to put up with their Spassky that the TV cameras be switched off and forfeited a game just to get his way. During his successful title play-off with Anand some years ago, Kasparov repeatedly banged the door while leaving the room after each move in bid to upset the Indian. Anand has always conducted himself with grece and dignity.
He has been a champion in more ways than one!
48)Who was the first non-Russian to win the coveted chess Oscar?                       [     ]
      a) VishwanathanAnand
     b) Anatolikarpov
     c) Garry kasparov
     d) Fischer
49)How many times did vishwanathanAnand win the chess Oscar?                     [     ]       
      a) Only once   b) five times         c) Thrice              d)Twice
50)‘He has been a champion in more ways than one’ means                                  [     ]
   a) vishwanathanAnand won many coveted title
   b) Apart from being a chess champion, vishwanathananand is a gentleman.
   c)vishwanathanAnand has grace and dignity.
   d) vishwanathanAnand never played for the sake of  becoming famous.
51) “forfeited” means                                                                                                                       [      ]
a)       lost or surrendered
b)       left
c)       cancelled
d)       verified
52)Why is vishwanathanAnand a positive inspiration to the next generation  [      ]
of chess player ?
a)       He shows no starry tantrums.                                                b.He retains his composure.
b)       He doesn’t try to dominate the game.                  d.All the above
General awareness…
53) Who among the following has been declared as Businessman of the decade?             [      ]      
a)MukeshAmbani               b) Anil Ambani                   c)Ratantata          d)Adity Birla
54) Who is the current committee chairman of ICC(International Cricket Council)?  [       ]        
a)SharadPawar   b) Alan Isaac       c)Sowravgunguly               d)Anil kumble
55)who won the Indian Grand Pre Formula-1 race  held recently ?                                     [     ]
a.Shumakar          b.Vetel                   c.Hamilton           d.Allonso             
56) Match the following CEO’s with their corresponding company                         [  ]
1. Ben Bernankee                                A. Google INC
2.Eric E.Schmidt                                 B. Apple INC      
3.Larry Fink
4.Timothy D.cook
a. 1-A, 2-B             b.1-A,3-B              c.4-B,2-A               d.1-B,2-A
57) Which American company is called “Big Blue”?                                                               [      ]                      
a.Microsoft           b.IBM                    c.Compaq             d.Tandy Svenson
58)who is the world’s richest person ?                                                                                             [       ]
a.Bill gates              b.Carlos Slim Helu               c.Waren Buffet    d.Larry Ellison 
59)who is the CEO of the company ”Virtusa” ?                                                                             [       ]
a.R S Sharma          b.P M Telag           c.KrisCanekeratne               d.ManojKohli
60)match the following….                                                                                                                 [      ]
1)GOOGLE INDIA                                                  A.ShankerAnnaswamy
2)MICROSOFT INDIA                                            B.BhaskarPramanik
3)IBM INDIA                                                          C.RajanAnandan
a.1-A,2-B,3-C         b.1-B,2-A,3-C        c.1-B,2-C,3-A                         d.1-C,2-B,3-A
                                     ********** wishing you all success ************

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