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Many email marketers lack insights into whether emails are even reaching the inbox, but that information is crucial. It helps understand a company to understand campaign performance, potential deliverability issues, how to optimize the number of recipients, and the need to go beyond surface metrics to answer tougher questions. What days/times are best to send email? What subject lines are resonating (or not)? In what geographies are people opening an email, and on what devices? What are competitors doing, when are they sending emails, and what messages are performing? What creative is resonating? Is my open rate real? How much revenue did this generate?,%20you%27re%20not%20moving%20fast%20enough.%E2%80%9D%20%E2%80%93%20Mario%20Andretti%0A%0APeak%20performance%20is%20found%20at%20the%20edge%20of%20control.%0A%0ADevelop%20a%20comfort%20with%20discomfort.%0A%0A-%20%40SahilBloom

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